Govt. Reg. No. 802/2006

Mundum Trek 15 Days

Trip Code : WHT/NT-01
Destination : Nepal
Duration : 15  Days
Grading : Moderate
Max Altitude : 4200m
Type : Hiking and Camping Trip
Starts at : Kathmandu
End at : Kathmandu


By fresh, I mean Mundum Trek is a newly established trekking trail in the far-eastern part of Nepal. This trail is a beautiful trekking destination that puts spotlight into the Kirati culture and traditions in Khotang district of Nepal. The Kirat people are an indigenous group in Mundun. During the trek, we will be walking through several villages where we will see the majority of Kirat Rai people. This trekking destination is also enriched with the soul-soothing natural sceneries. Trekking along the off-beaten paths in Mundum Trail is truly a gift. To those who are looking for the less trodden trek routes, Mundum Trekking is one that suits your demands and choices. Mundum Trek is a rural trek where you can see the basic way of lifestyles and inspiring cultural and natural blends. 

On this 15 days Mundum trekking, you will be reaching Silchung Peak, 4200 meters. This is the highest point on the trek. We will begin from Diktel Bazar, 1650 meters and will gradually ascend to the Silichung peak. Come trek with us (Halesi Treks) to Mundum Trekking. We (Halesi treks) will organize perfect trekking for you. You have to worry about anything. Let us know when you are free and we will arrange the rest. If you have any queries or suggestions, do not hesitate to contact us.


Day 1: Arriving at Kathmandu International airport and transfer to Hotel.

You will arrive at Tribhuvan International airport in Kathmandu. Our local representative will welcome you. She/he will take you to your hotel in Kathmandu. Take some rest after you check into the hotel. You will stay overnight at your hotel.

Day 2: preparation for Mundum Trekking

Before the beautiful trek, you will have a preparation day. On this day, you can buy some of the clothing or snacks or other trekking essentials. If you have already brought everything, you can go touring around beautiful places in Kathmandu. There are many historic and cultural sites in Kathmandu. You can visit some. Some of the most popular sites are the Basantapur Durbar Square, Boudhanath Temple, Pashupatinath Temple, Swoyambhunath Stupa, and others.

Day 3: Drive from Kathmandu to Diktel Altitude: 1650 meters Driving Duration: 8 to 9 hours

It’s surely a long drive today. Though long, this day is enjoyable. You will be driving towards the east of Kathmandu over the beautiful highway. You will see the beautiful rivers along the highway. You’ll also see the villages along the road. You’ll see beautiful sceneries along the riverside. You will have a few stops at some places for lunch and rests. After a long drive, we will finally reach the headquarters of Khotang district, Diktel. We will walk around the local market there. Overnight in a local hotel.

Day 4: Diktel to Chakhewa Highest Altitude: 2300 meters Trek Duration: 5 hours

Today, we will begin to trek. We will have a morning breakfast at the hotel. Then, we will begin to trek. The trekking trail is beautiful! The semi-hilly landscapes, beautiful jungles, and beautiful settlements en route are amazing. We will be covering 24 kilometers of remotest trails. Walking through the villages of Dorap Chiuri and Dobela feels incredible. Chakhewa is a beautiful place where we will stay overnight today.

Day 5: Chakhewa to Dhotre Highest Altitude: 2752 meters Trek Duration: 5 hours

It’s a fresh morning at Chakhewa. We will have a filling breakfast there and will pull off a new day. From Chakhewa, we will walk through the incredible beautiful trails to Dhotre. We will be walking through the Maluwa village. Then there is a pass called Dalsinga Pass. After the pass, we will walk over the scenic ridge of Merung hill. At Dhotre, we will stay overnight today.

Day 6: Dhotre to Maiyung Highest Altitude: 3122 meters Trek Duration: 6 hours

From Dhotre, we will trek to Maiyung. The trail is beautiful with mesmerizing views of the surroundings. You will have an amazing time walking through the peaceful trekking trails. After around six hours of trekking, we will reach Maiyung. Overnight in Maiyung.

Day 7: Maiyung to Rawadhap Highest Altitude: 3426 meters Trekking Duration: 6 hours

This part of the trail passes through incredible Kirat and Rai settlements. At the villages, you will see the farmers cultivating crops on their beautiful fields. You will also see the old-aged people wearing their traditional attires. We will make our way through small Kirat villages like Satdobato, Hyakule, Lauri Bina, and others. It’s a unique experience of walking through the villages experiencing beautiful things. Finally, after several hours of walking, we will reach the Rawa Dhap. We will stay overnight there.

Day 8: Rawadhap to Salpa Bhanjyang/ Salpa Pokhari Highest Altitude: 3348 meters Trekking Duration: 7 hours

Remember, you are already above 3000 meters. Walk slowly enjoying the immensely beautiful nature and culture around. The trekking trail is remote, yet beautiful. Today, we will be walking through some amazing villages. The highlights of today’s trek are the mani wall of Nikasa, Handi Lake, and of Kulu Pankha Bhanjyang (Salpa Pass). After an awesome day, we will reach Salpa Bhanjyang. We will stay overnight there.

Day 9: Explore Silichung Highest Altitude: 4160 meters Trekking Duration: 5 hours

Today is an exploration day in Silichung. We will wake up early and will hike to the Silichung hill early in the morning. There is this beautiful viewpoint of Silichung (Salpa) Peak. We will climb to the viewpoint at 4153 meters. Trust me, you will love the spectacular views of the magnificent Himalayas, mountains, green hills, and incredible valleys. You will also see the alluring views of Mt. Everest, Kanchanjunga, Cho Oyu, Lhotse, Mt. Makalu, Thamserku, Kangtega, Amadablam, Dorje Lakpa, and Kusum Khungurung. After a wonderful morning, we will return to Silichung. We will spend the rest of the day exploring around and by resting. Overnight in Silichung.

Day 10: Salpa Bhanjyang to Hyakule Highest Altitude: 2972 meters Trekking Duration: 6 hours

Now it is time that we retrace the previous trekking trails back to Hyakule. We will be walking through the peaceful trails exploring the natural beauty around. We will meet with some locals. Interacting with them is fun. They are friendly and will say hi with a sweet smile. After hours of easy walk, we will reach Hyakule. For today, we will stay overnight at Hyakule.

Day 11: Hyakule to Hanspokhari Highest Altitude: 2962 meters Trekking Duration: 6 hours

We will start a new day with a beautiful breakfast. After having breakfast, we will set off on the splashing trekking trail to Hanspokhari. The trail is as exciting as on the other days. We will be enjoying the splendid views of the hills. Walking through the lush jungles offers incredible satisfaction. This trail becomes more beautiful in Spring when the wildflowers and Rhododendrons bloom at their best. We can also extend this trek and walk to the Ekrate village. This is a beautiful village of Kirat people. There, you can see the basic way of life and lovely practices of the traditions and culture.

Day 12: Hanspokhari to Bhojpur Highest Altitude: 1600 meters Trekking Duration: 6 hours

On the 12th day of our Mundum trek, we will be trekking to Bhojpur. We will walk through the rugged trekking trails towards Bhojpur in the morning. We will take rest at different places on the trek. We will cross the Kakhuwa Pass. We will also be walking through several small and beautiful villages en route. Some of them are Ekrate, Barse Danda, Suntale Gaun, Dhap Kharka, and others. Finally, after around six hours of trekking, we will reach Bhojpur. Overnight there.

Day 13: Flight from Bhojpur to Kathmandu

From the airport in Bhojpur, we will take a flight to Kathmandu. The flight is a scenic one. Enjoy the aerial views of the awesome valleys, rivers, hills, and Himalayas. The flight duration is around two and a half years. We will land in Kathmandu and will drive to the hotel. You can walk around in the evening. Overnight at a three-star hotel in Kathmandu

Day 14: Leisure time, shopping, sightseeing

And finally, the trek is over. But you still have a free day in Kathmandu. On this day, you can do some shopping. If you had rented some trekking gears, you can return them. You can buy some souvenirs for your friends and families. You can also go sightseeing around the beautiful Bhaktapur and Patan cities in Kathmandu valley. There are several UNESCO World Heritage sites there. Visit some of them. You can visit the Bhaktapur Durbar Square and the Changunarayan temple.

Day 15: Transfer to International airport for finale departures

Today is your last day in Nepal. We will pick you up two hours before your flight. You will check into the airport and will fly to your homeland.

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