Govt. Reg. No. 802/2006

Upper Dolpo Trek 24 Days

USD $500/Person
Trip Code : WHT/RAT-01
Destination : Nepal
Duration : 24  Days
Grading : Moderate
Max Altitude : 4070m
Type : Hiking and Camping Trip
Activity : Hiking and Camping
Starts at : Kathmandu
End at : Kathmandu
Trip Route : Jhuphal-Phoksundo Lake -Phoksundo Bhanjyang-Shey Gompa-Kang-La pass-Saldang-Yangze Gompa-Jeng La pass-Tarap Khola- Dunai
Best Season : Autum & Spring
Accommodation : Not Included
Meal : Not Included
Offer : 15% Discount


Burrowed between the high Tibetan plateau and the Dhaulagiri region, Dolpo region is truly the Shangri la of your dreams. With Nepal Eco Adventure let’s go Upper Dolpo Trekking, to a sanctuary for devout Buddhists, created by Guru Rinpoche, according to the mythologies.Upper Dolpo Trekking is a once in a lifetime experience. Trekking to the remote and isolated region of the mid-western region of Nepal, to see the landscape in its naturally rugged state and its remoteness to understand and believe. The most of the region is uncharted and unexplored, suitable for trekkers who want a change from the tourist-packed mainstream trekking routes.

The entire district was closed to trekkers up until 1989. This has led this region to be one of the world’s most ancient and well conserved region. In the past, only some anthropologists and geographers had explored the region in the past. The Upper Dolpo Trekking was opened to organized trekking groups by a special permit from Nepal Eco Adventure.The east and the south skyline are bordered by the Dhaulagiri (8,167m) and Chure Himal range. Dhaulagiri was thought to be the tallest mountain in the world for the longest time! The view of Dhaulagiri, Annapurna, and Kanjiroba from upper Dolpa is absolutely regal.

The up close view of the beautiful mountains, ancient monasteries and frosty turquoise lakes, Upper Dolpo Trekking has it all. The huddled settlement of 5000 in Dolpo region makes its people some of the “world’s highest dwellers”.  The antique settlements in Upper Dolpo are situated 4,300 meters and above! . The high and parched valley of Dolpo in northernmost Nepal houses the last miscellanies and remnants of the ancient Tibetan culture. To add more to that, Dolpo is the only region in the earth where the people practice the ancient Pre-Buddhist religion, Bon Po. The time has stood static yet tranquil in Upper Dolpo for centuries. The people of Upper Dolpo are unaware about the life beyond the mounts. The remoteness and exclusiveness from the modern world has made the culture and tradition of this region unharmed and untouched.

Along with the panoramic view of the beautiful mountains and living the ancient culture and tradition, Upper Dolpo Trekking has more to offer.  We can see the exotic animals like Blue Sheep, Snow Leopard, Mountain Goat and Himalayan Langur.During our trek, we will pass by interesting ancient primeval villages, be part of fascinating culture and meet interesting people. We will cross exciting high passes, relish in the beauty and tranquility of the Shey Phoksundo Lake and experience spirituality in the holy Shey Gompa.In Dolpo, the monsoons created by sea winds blowing from the Gulf of Bengal is tempered by the Dhaulagiri range. That’s why Upper Dolpa Trekking is even possible during the summer months. It’s even a plus point because Orchids, Edelweiss, Campanules, Forget-me nots are all in full glory.

Trekking into this Trans Himalayan Region is an experience of a life time. Nepal Eco Adventure’s Upper Dolpa Trekking offers to you the right amount of adventure, thrill, gratification and spirituality. Come, trek to the wild west of this Himalayan country and experience it for yourself.

The other alternative for the trek is Lower Dolpo Trekking.

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